Airports for Tignes

Make sure you land in the right place

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For Tignes & Val d'Isere, the most convenient airport is Chambéry, situated  144 kms (2 1/2hrs) away by motorway and then mountain road. From the airport, you have a number of different methods of transport to choose from to get you up to resort. If you can’t get a flight to Chambéry, the next best options are Lyon (3hrs) and Geneva (3.5hrs) both of which are serviced by a number of the major airlines.

Each airport has it pros and cons. Chambery is closest but may close in bad weather and your flight be diverted elsewhere. Geneva has excellent bus/shuttle links to Tignes & Val, but finding the route in a hire car isn't particularly easy. Lyon St-Exupery has fewer links to the mountains, expecially midweek, but the journey is easier and quicker than from Geneva if you hire a car.

Remember, before succumbing to a bargain flight into one of these airports, take a few minutes to investigate your onward transfer options below; your flight may only cost you £50 but your transfer to resort could set you back €300 - €400!!