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Tignes Video Report : Thu 23rd Dec 2010

Merry Christmas from the Espace Killy, Santa arrives

It's been very cold here in the Espace Killy but the snow has been great; fast and firm.The town is looking particularly festive at the moment and there are big parties planned for both Christmas and New Year here in the hills.Have a very Merry Christmas.

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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 16th Dec 2010

Cold temperatures and clear skies after after the Criterium

It has been VERY cold here in the Espace Killy, although this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise as we are a mile above sea level in the middle of winter!!
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 9th Dec 2010

Mixed conditions in Espace Killy

There has been a real change since last week with lots of rain falling but there is still plenty of good snow if you travel higher up.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Wed 1st Dec 2010

Plenty of snow falling at the beginning of the month

The season has begun and although not all of the lifts and pistes are open what has been opened is covered in excellent fresh snow, it's just a shame you can't see it at the moment.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 6th May 2010

Goodbye from the Espace Killy

We're nearing the end and the slopes are almost closed. What a winter it’s been though! It seems like only yesterday that the lifts opened but since December we have had so many great days on and off piste and so many events and parties have taken place.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 22nd Apr 2010

Stay High to avoid the slush

Yep, we've finally reached that slushy stage of the year. Luckily the Espace Killy has 2 glaciers and, thanks to the Icelandic Volcano, not too many people to ski on them. There are some great conditions to be found just need to know where to look.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 15th Apr 2010

Cold conditions take Espace Killy back in time

I know its mid April but if you'd been out in the Espace Killy today you wouldn't have believed it.The cold temperatures of the last few days have frozen the snow into mid winter like conditions. Yes it does get slushy on the sunny slopes and near the end of the day but if you stay up high the conditions are incredible.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 9th Apr 2010

The sun is back

The sun is back! After a miserable week of snow last week we had a bit of powder and now lovely spring snow conditions. Yes, its a bit slushy lower down and later inthe day but the sun makes up for it.Just becasue Easter has been and gone doesn't mean we're done skiing!
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 2nd Apr 2010

More snow but flat light

It has been a while since we had any really sunny days but they are forecast and when the sun does finally come out conditions will be perfect here in the Espace Killy.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 25th Mar 2010

Rain not quite stopped play

OK, so we did have a bit of rain and the snow hasn't been the best over the last week but the weather is sorting itself out.There is more snow in the way and its definately colder than ealier this week.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 18th Mar 2010

Spring sunshine hits the Espace Killy

Well its finally warmed up. People are out skiing in just jumpers and the snow melt in resort is starting to reveal grass (well, mud actually).The snow is holding up well, only really getting very soft at low altitude.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 11th Mar 2010

Tignes snow perfect for the X-Games

Against all the weather reports and much to the X-Games competitors delight the sun has come and and shined on proceedings here in Tignes.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 4th Mar 2010

Night time Powder in Tignes

The Toviere Couloirs were, for the second time, the setting for the Evolution 2 Full Moon Freeride. Armed with nothiing more than a head torch and a spotlight the most extreme freeriders around took to the infamous face to compete for the title.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 25th Feb 2010

Be Safe in the New Powder

Its been snowing on and off all week so the ARVA training centre in Le Lac is more in use now than ever as people prepare for great powder days. Another of Tignes' free and essential offerings.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 18th Feb 2010

A quiet spot during the holiday mayhem

This week I've tried to find a spot away from all the ski schools and holiday mayhem that has hit the slopes. Its actually not been too bad and the lift cues, normally the bain of my life during holiday time, have not been as tiresome as I expected.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 12th Feb 2010

Eye of the needle

After a few days when we thought we might be heading for springtime the temperatures have plumeted back down to the very chilly -10 to -20 zone. Lift stations are warning of extreme cold temperatures at altitude and they're not wrong!
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 5th Feb 2010

Clear skies and warm temperatures make a welcome return

We've had some really mixed weather from high winds, -29 degree temperatures and snow to beautiful sunshine and +1 spring temperatures. Not surprisingly this hasn't stopped us skiing as its meant the snow conditions almost everywhere are amazing.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 29th Jan 2010

Fun in the flat light

Last week the weather was pretty kind and and the second half of next week is looking to be pretty good too. the moment is doesn't seem to be able to make up it mind.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 21st Jan 2010

Sunshine in the Espace Killy

After the storm of last week's report this week looks much more appetising. We've had lots of sun and some amazing snow with more of the same on the way.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 15th Jan 2010

Polo, Park and off-piste heaven

The weather over the last week seems to have thrown everything at us, sunshine, wind, snow and sub zero temperatures. Next week looks set to do the same as we're predicted sun for 2 days then snow after that.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Mon 11th Jan 2010

25 000 people for New Year in Tignes

Tignes is calming down after the biggest New Years party we have ever seen in the resort. 25 000 people turned out to see Laurent Wolf welcome in 2010 and the party and fireworks will be hard to beat.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 1st Jan 2010

New snow New Year!!

Yep, its been snowing. Pretty much non stop for the last week and making piste conditions great apart from the flat light. Next week should be better with more sunshine but colder temperatures.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Thu 24th Dec 2009

White Christmas in the Espace Killy

One Christmas snow report complete with Santa hat.We've certainly not missed out on all the snow thats been falling over Europe this week.The piste conditions are excellent although the off piste is looking dodgy to say the least.
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Val d'Isere Video Report : Fri 18th Dec 2009

From La Fornet

Last weekend saw the 54th Criterium de la Premiere Neige, part of theAlpine World Cup, come to Val D'isere. This report gives you theresults so far and some images of the races and the set up for thisweekend's Womens events.
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